Instrument Cluster Removal

NOTE: This repair was done on my 1994 C280. However it may work for other years/models. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy nor can I be liable for any damage one can cause to his or her car or self. Please be EXTREMELY careful with handling air bags, as they can go off and severly injure you!!

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This how-to will cover the removal of the instrument cluster. I believe the process is nearly identical for all years, however there may be a few different things here and there.
The easiest way by far is to remove the steering wheel to get access to the instrument cluster. This however may not be absolutely necessary. If you have a telescoping steering wheel, I believe it is quite easy to remove the instrument cluster without removing the wheel. I have removed the cluster without removing the steering wheel, and it was VERY difficult, and I ended up scratching the dash board. To ensure you don't damage your dash, I would recommend taking off the steering wheel.

The link to steering wheel removal is here:

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